Work Experience

Development Manager @Panviva


I manage multiple fun, friendly & focused scrum teams working on Support Point, a Business Process Guidance System used globally by organizations in the Finance and Insurance sectors such as ANZ, Westpac, Bank of America & Medibank.

As a cloud-based (Verizon & Azure cloud) SAAS web-application, SupportPoint utilizes the micro-service architecture to allow modularity & scalability. The tech-stack utilized in this project includes Angular (1.5), ASPNET MVC 5 (C#), WebAPI, WebSockets, MuleESB, ActiveMQ, .NET Microservices, Elastic Search, REDIS, ElectronJS & a legacy C++ App Server.

Being responsible for the quality of the product, from code architecture to end-user quality; I work with my scrum teams (developers, technical testers, scrum master, dba & dev-ops) to manage our diverse software development projects.

Working in conjunction with the senior management team, our product owner, technical & security coordinators I help define the software development strategy and key milestones for the company to proactively drive global efficiencies.

To ensure that the overall solution architecture follows the technical coordinator’s vision, my role also gives me the opportunity to influence the technology choices for the program. Additionally, by engaging in code reviews I can ensure my team members are contributing code that meets the short and long-term goals of the program.

Starting in 2015, I also had the opportunity to work with an independent agile coach to re-align Panviva's project management approach with the Agile methodology, successfully introducing appropriate project governance.

Sessional Academic @RMIT University


I have worked with the School of Computer Science as a Sessional lecturer, head tutor, tutor & lab assistant. The focus of my role is to liaise with Course Manager regularly to plan & deliver the lecture, tutorial and practical lab sessions. I am also required to prepare assignments, training material and collect, collate and maintain results for all students. Additionally, I am the prime point of contact for answering newsgroup and email queries about the course.

The courses that I have worked with are as follows:
  »   Security in Computing & IT [COSC2536/2537]
  »   Information Security & Assurance [INTE2425/2426]
  »   Software Engineering Project Management [ISYS1106/1108]
  »   Computer and Internet Forensics [COSC2301/2302]
  »   Web Servers and Web Technology [COSC1300/1301]
  »   Database Concepts [ISYS1055/1057]
  »   Secure Programming Environments [INTE2401/2402]
  »   Introduction to Programming [COSC1321/1519]
  »   Network Security [COSC2105/2107]
  »   Programming 1 [COSC1073/2362]

User Interface Team Lead @Panviva

MAY 2013 - APR 2015

As a part of my role, I lead UI team working on Support Point UI Transformation project. As a part of this project, we transformed the existing flagship knowledge management product from client-server architecture to multi-tier, cloud based architecture.

This project is a rewrite of a "fat" client originally written in C++, converted into an ASP.NET MVC application rendering HTML5 packaged with Node-Webkit (now migrated to ElectronJS). As the application mimics a fat client, the project has a high degree of UI interaction including a WYSIWYG editor and utilising various libraries like AngularJS, bootstrap, toastr, tinymce, imageareaselect, redactor, jsTree, rangy and many more.

Software Developer & Dev-Ops @Lynx IT

NOV 2010 - MAY 2013

As a part of an agile development team we developed an ASP.NET MVC application for the National Australia Bank in the Funds and Asset Servicing area, developing a proprietary system for trust administration.

Based on Microsoft’s Project Silk, this project made extensive use of Dependency Injection and the CQRS design pattern. The user interface being entirely web based, utilized libraries like Kendo UI and Slick Grid. This was a like-for-like replacement of their existing (legacy) FoxPro application. I also worked with clients like Toll Transitions where we developed a logistics management system to manage relocations for the members of the Australian Department of Defence. The technology stack used in this project was also similar.

Apart from web development, I was also responsible for creating and maintaining automated deployment scripts and assisting our clients with UAT and Production deployments.

I also had the opportunity of setting up Visual Studio Lab Management and Team Foundation Server to ensure automated Build-Test-Deploy of our applications.


AgilePM® (2014) Practitioner @APMG


AgilePM® (2014) Foundation @APMG


Microsoft Certified Professional @Microsoft


Master of Computer Science @RMIT University

2008 - 2010

Bachelor of Commerce @Mumbai University

2001 - 2006